A History of Cambridge Open Studios

A History of
Cambridge Open Studios

The story and people behind the largest arts event in Cambridgeshire

With a foreword by Dame Evelyn Glennie, The History of Cambridge Open Studios is both an archival record of this Cambridgeshire annual arts event and an insight into the people actively involved within living memory. It is for artists, those who are interested in how artists work, those running or thinking of setting up their own Open Studios, and historians. 

The 256-page book charts the successes and the trials and tribulations of Cambridge Open Studios, run by members for members as a co-operative or mutual benefit company over the past 45 years, with almost 1800 artists taking part (listed in the appendix). It interweaves its record with the often inspirational personal stories of the key individuals who helped steer the organisation. Their lives show that there are many ways to becoming an artist.

We see Cambridge Open Studios in context with other Open Studios in the UK and in Cambridgeshire. It covers past and potential visitor numbers, how we try to reach out to them and what the future may hold.

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The History of Cambridge Open Studios by Chris Thomas

Published by Milton Contact Ltd, 2019

ISBN 978-1-911526-34-6

Email enquiries: chris@miltoncontact.com